What kind of problems does adenoid enlargement cause in children?

What kind of problems does adenoid enlargement cause in children?

Instead of protecting health when the adenoid grows, on the contrary, this time it causes serious health problems .   may cause.


·         sleep apnea :

Do not hold your breath for a few seconds during sleep.


·         Urinary incontinence at night :

Nocturnal urinary incontinence is more common in these children with poor sleep quality. Much has been said about the relationship between urinary incontinence and apnea.   Although there are many theories, the cause is not fully known. However, in some studies, tonsils,   After adenoid surgery, 80% of the children who had urinary incontinence at night had improvement after the surgery .


·         Increased frequency of upper respiratory tract infections:

The enlarged adenoid can sometimes become a recurring focus of infection rather than being protective.


·         Hearing loss , recurrent ear infection:

The Eustachian canal, which ventilates the middle ear and equalizes the pressure with the external environment, opens to the back of the nose, that is, to the nasal cavity . Enlarged adenoids and chronic inflammation of the adenoids called adenoiditis disrupt the function of the straighter and shorter Eustachian canal in children, resulting in frequent recurrence of infection in the middle ear.   It can also lead to fluid accumulation. If this problem lasts for a long time, it can cause permanent hearing loss.


·         Deterioration of facial development and orthodontic problems :

Some of our sinuses complete their development in childhood. In order for this development to be healthy, the child must breathe through the nose. If no measures are taken in the long term, the enlarged adenoids may disrupt the ongoing development of the sinus and palate in children, causing problems such as high palate, forward growth of the upper jaw, flattening of the nasal root, and deterioration of the tooth structure.


·         Decreased school success:

Obstructive adenoid enlargement impairs sleep quality and prevents children from falling into deep sleep. It can cause concentration problems and daytime sleepiness in children who do not get enough rest.


·         Growth and development retardation:

Especially in children with apnea, insufficient oxygenation at night and decrease in growth hormone secretion as a result of deterioration of sleep quality may cause growth and development retardation . Difficulty in breathing while eating leads to feeding difficulties and thus insufficient calorie intake .


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