What is the recovery process like after tonsillectomy?

What is the recovery process like after tonsillectomy?

As long as the problems that your doctor will explain in advance do not develop after tonsil surgery, pediatric patients are usually discharged on the same day, and adult patients the next day. The most common complaint after surgery is pain, patients need to use painkillers for an average of 1 week. Taking a bath can be started on the next day of the surgery, provided that it is not too hot.

The open wound in the areas where the tonsils were removed after the surgery heals in about 2 weeks. Therefore, when the mouth is opened, the area where the tonsils are taken on both sides of the uvula is seen in a dirty white color. This appearance is not inflammation, but healing tissue on the wound. It disappears when healing is complete.

Children's return to school is usually 1 week later. In adults, it takes 7-14 days to return to work.

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