If there is a facilitating reason such as septum deviation, turbinate hypertrophy or adenoid enlargement in children that cause frequent recurrence of sinusitis, this problem is eliminated with surgery.

Today, sinusitis surgery is called functional endoscopic sinus surgery.

It is an operation performed under general anesthesia in chronic sinusitis. This surgery is performed through the nose with the help of endoscopic instruments without making any incisions. Infected tissues in the sinus, polyps, if any, are cleaned and the sinus openings, which allow the sinuses to drain into the nose, are expanded.

The duration of the operation varies according to the extent of the disease and the presence of nasal concha enlargement or deviation that requires intervention. After sinusitis surgeries, a tampon that will cause nasal obstruction is not placed, except in rare necessary situations.

There is no serious pain after the surgery, the transition to normal life is a few days.

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