How is allergic rhinitis treated?

How is allergic rhinitis treated?

The main rule of treatment is to avoid or remove the allergen if possible. In addition, there are drug therapy and vaccine therapy.

The most commonly used drugs in drug therapy are antihistamines (pills/spray) and steroid sprays. However, drug therapy is effective as long as it is used. The drugs should be started approximately 2 weeks before the allergy season starts and used until the end of the allergy season. Therefore, drugs should be taken in consultation with a specialist doctor.

Vaccination is a form of treatment for the cause. It is based on the principle that the allergen or allergens to which the person is sensitive are given to the patient in increasing doses, increasing the tolerance of the immune system of the person to the allergen and preventing excessive reaction. Vaccination treatment is a long process (3-5 years) that requires correct patient selection and follow-up by an allergist.



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